Bellatrix – SEVERE eye trauma, emergency treatment needed!


We know it’s tough to look at. We know it’s even worse to think about – how could a beautiful kitten like Bellatrix end up like this? But this is the reality that too many animals face here in Houston. Let’s get this precious kitten back to being healthy and pain-free before it gets any worse – together.

Bellatrix has secondary glaucoma in his right eye and the pressure has caused severe trauma. His injury is so bad, he can’t even close it! He has been to a specialist, who determined he will need to have his eye enucleated as soon as safely possible to have the best shot at a quick recovery and a minimal amount of pain and discomfort.

Right now, Bellatrix only weighs 1.5 pounds. In order to give him the best shot at his new life, he will need to gain a little weight before undergoing this major surgery. His surgery, plus caring for him before and after, is adding up to $1,500 – this is where he’ll need YOUR help!

The bills have already started to pile up – will you help Bellatrix heal today?

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