Billie Jean – FHO surgery

Billie Jean is definitely a lover, but this outwardly smiley girl is suffering inside from hip pain and a lack of mobility because she has bone degradation likely due to either an old injury or a lack of blood supply to her femur. Following X-rays and multiple veterinary opinions, it has been determined that her best option is a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) operation to remove bone-on-bone contact and restore pain-free mobility to her hip.

FHO surgery means the head of her femur, which is not fitting/moving correctly within the socket of her hip, needs to be removed. It must be performed by a specialist, and is not an inexpensive procedure. Billie Jean needs a whopping $1,200 to cover her surgery and enable her to walk pain-free again!

Through your donation to help Billie Jean heal, we can schedule her surgery and begin the first day of a long road to recovery.

Will you help Billie Jean heal?!


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