16 Brownsville Pups Need Your Help

We’re reaching out to you today with an urgent plea for assistance to support 16 new dogs that have come into our program simultaneously. We received word that a shelter in Brownsville was in desperate need of support, and alongside our partners at Best Friends Animal Society, we sprang into action to save lives. Now we need your help.

This sudden influx of new arrivals, including a mama and her 10 puppies (under a week old!), plus five other young puppies, has stretched our resources thin and placed a significant strain on our dedicated staff, fosters, and volunteers. As we strive to ensure each and every one of these furry friends receives the care they deserve, we find ourselves facing a daunting challenge. But we refuse to let this challenge deter us from our mission to save lives. That’s where you come in.

Thankfully, an amazing, anonymous donor has generously stepped up to MATCH ALL donations up to $5,000! Your support has always been the backbone of our organization, empowering us to provide vital care for animals in need and now you have the chance to DOUBLE your impact. Your generosity not only helps us cover the costs of food, shelter, and medical care for these new arrivals, but also allows us to continue our critical Shelters Save program.

Your immediate support is paramount to our lifesaving efforts, enabling us to rescue and care for vulnerable animals like these. We confront dire situations head-on, offering refuge and rehabilitation to those facing unimaginable hardships, and we can’t do it without your help. Your lifesaving support today ensures that we can continue to extend a lifeline to these animals, giving them a chance at a brighter future.

Any gift, no matter the size, saves lives, and today it will go TWICE as far thanks to this generous matching opportunity, so don’t miss out on DOUBLING your impact. We literally cannot do this without you! 

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