Mama Dog and Young Puppies Desperate for Help

Valentina, a resilient mama dog, and her two-week-old puppies, Lolli and Rollo, urgently need your support. Found as strays, Valentina was wearing a harness so tight it was embedded in her skin, causing severe and infected wounds that required surgical intervention. After intaking the family, our partners at Fort Bend County Animal Services immediately evaluated them and their medical team removed the harness on Valentina and put in a drain for her infected wounds to heal. They then reached out to us for help as they didn’t have the resources required to continue Valentina and her babies’ care and recovery. Now, we need your help.

Valentina has a tough road to recovery ahead of her. Her wounds are still draining and she will need to see a vet to continue her medical care, make sure everything stays clean and heals correctly, and in addition to her injuries, she has tested positive for heartworm, adding another layer of complexity to her rehabilitation.

Despite being found in a state of desperation and excruciating pain, Valentina could not be more sweet or a better mother; she had been nursing her pups the whole time. She’s known pain and suffering for so long, and that’s all her puppies have ever known, but now you have the chance to show them the goodness and love that the world has to offer.

The cost of Valentina’s treatment, along with the ongoing care for her and her puppies, has stretched our resources thin. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these animals. Your generosity today will not only help Valentina, Lolli, and Rollo, but also save those who have been neglected and forgotten so we can continue to step up and intervene for those who need us most.

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