Pickle – sarcoptic mange, intestinal parasites, and eye trauma

Pickle was found not long ago by a local animal shelter abandoned by her owners, alone and in a major pickle. She has sarcoptic mange, which is caused by parasitic mites that burrow just beneath the surface of the skin and feed on material on or below the skin. It’s all over her body, as you can see by her hair loss. Pickle also has a slew of intestinal parasites and trauma to her right eye of unknown origin that has left her with sight problems. With her medical bills piling up and her recovery timeline uncertain, Pickle was at risk of being euthanized at the shelter for all of these treatable conditions.

Even though her sarcoptic mange is transmittable to people, we had to save her. An HPA! foster stepped up and opened their heart and home to her, despite the care she’ll need ahead. Once brought into our care, Pickle immediately received a medicated bath, and she has been receiving other treatments and medications since.

There’s still a long recovery ahead for Pickle, but with your support to cover her treatments she’ll make it through. Can you help Pickle heal?


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