Mama + 11 puppies were just dumped and need your help!

This sweet family was JUST dumped at our facility – the puppies were literally in a Huggies diaper box. Not only do they need a foster (if you can help, apply here), but we also need help covering their care! At an average of $252/pup, this family of 11 will run us $2750+ through their journey to adoption.

Are you in a position to help sponsor a pup?!

PUPDATE 1: When mama and her 11 puppies were dumped at our facility in a Huggies box on a hot May day last week, we rushed to get them in the air conditioning to cool down their hot bodies, and YOU rushed to find them a foster and support their care.

Well, they’ve been in foster and are ready to be officially introduced… everyone please meet Hot Mama, Hot Chocolate, Hot Chile, Hot Tea, Hot Flash, Hot Topic, Hot Patootie, Hot Wheels, Hot Mess, Hot Cheeto, Hot Sauce, and Hot Wings!

It’ll be a solid month before they’re adoption-ready, so don’t jump the gun just yet! But if you’re eager for puppy breath now, please consider fostering! You can save the lives of cute floofs just like these here.

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