Splinter – upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis

This is #A570768. He’s only 3 weeks old and found himself sick and alone at a shelter. He has a horrible upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. And since he’s still so young and motherless, he needs to be syringe fed frequently until he’s able to eat on his own. Unfortunately, all of this created the perfect storm for him to end up at risk of being euthanized. But of course, we couldn’t let that happen! Being young and sick with very treatable conditions is no reason to be put to sleep!

An incredible HPA! foster stepped up to save this little dude. He’s no longer #A570768; now he’s affectionately known as Splinter. He has a long road ahead of all sorts of antibiotics and other treatments, which need to be covered.

Are you able to help Splinter heal and give him a light at the end of his tunnel?! Every amount helps!


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