Mandy & 12 puppies need your help

Last week, we put a call out to our HPA! family for a lifesaving foster. It wasn’t a small ask: a mama dog and her 11 one-week-old puppies.

But because our family is amazing, a lifesaving foster stepped up to save this entire family. And, it turned out one puppy was hidden amongst them, and there were actually 12!

Mama dog is now named Mandy, and she and her 12 puppies are completely safe! The whole family got dewormed, Mandy got her vaccines, and everyone is getting LOTS of love!

We are SO thankful to the amazing foster who stepped up to save this big ole family, because fosters enable us to save lives just like Mandy’s and her puppies’. They have a long journey ahead of them, and with an average cost of $252 per pup, this family of 13 will cost HPA! over $3,250.

Can you help sponsor a pup’s journey to its forever home for $252 – or any amount?

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