Not one, but THREE cats with tail trauma

We rescued three cats recently who all had the same mysterious problem… each of them had trauma to their tail. Pearl Moon, Harvest Moon, and Twilight Moon were clearly in a lot of pain, and yet they were still incredibly friendly towards the HPA! staff, cuddling and purring whenever they were picked up. We had to help them as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, none of their tails were able to heal on their own. Our medical team came to the hard decision to amputate all three tails – not a decision taken lightly, since cats use their tails for balance, and it can be quite an adjustment for them to learn how to balance without them. Harvest Moon was a lucky fella and got to keep about half of his tail, but his siblings had most of their tails removed.

All three cats are still recovering from surgery and are doing well, but the medical bills were not small. On average, cat tail amputations (including medical care before and afterwards) cost an average of about $1,000 each – bringing these cats’ surgeries to a whopping $3,000. We are all so relieved they are doing well, but we still need YOUR help! Will you help the Moon siblings heal?

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