We need help to heal Spammy’s ears and Stinkerbelle’s eyes!

We recently rescued not one, but TWO spaniels. These pups are both sweet, calm, and would make the perfect pets – but first, they need your help. 

Spammy, the first spaniel we rescued, has hematomas in both of his ears so large, they require surgery to remove them. These hematomas are serious bruises that cause blood to collect under the skin. Poor Spammy had it so bad, one of his ears was around an inch thick when he first came to us!

Stinkerbelle was lucky enough to have healthy ears, but unfortunately, her eyes are both so damaged that we need to enucleate (surgically remove) them. While this may sound extreme, enucleation is the best route for helping Stinkerbelle. It very quickly takes away any pain she was feeling because of the infections and pressure in her eyes, and helps lead her to the speediest recovery possible.

CONTENT WARNING: medically graphic imagery below.

Although both of these pups came to us with serious conditions, our medical team knew exactly what to do to stop their pain. Your support will help cover the cost of treatment, allowing these beautiful pups to recover quickly and live healthy lives in loving homes. Will you help Spammy and Stinkerbelle heal?

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