Dumped puppies need you NOW!

Today a litter of nine puppies were dumped in a ditch in Houston, on the coldest week of the year. These puppies are so young they’ve only recently opened their eyes for the first time, and it breaks our hearts to think of what their very first look of the world was. There were no possible parents around either; these puppies were alone. Will you help these babies to see some brighter days in their future?

With us still working to support Pasadena’s tornado-stricken shelter and caring for their dogs with medical needs, we need all the help we can get.

A good samaritan was driving down the road when they spotted the puppies, immediately scooped them all up in the only container they had, a 5-gallon plastic bucket, and raced to Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!), which was just minutes away. This was an extraordinary situation, and so the moment they were inside our building, our team jumped into action, drying them off, making sure each one didn’t have any serious injuries, and testing them for any infectious diseases. The smallest of the puppies stopped breathing and had to receive CPR from one of our kennel techs, and after so many tense moments, we had nine breathing, healthy puppies on our hands. 

Our medical team is working hard to make sure everything is taken care of for these pups, from vaccines to topical treatments for scrapes and scratches to dewormer. This is an all-hands-on-deck situation, and these puppies will need all of the support they can get.

These puppies and HPA! need your support, and they need it now – join us in our efforts to give them the lives they deserve today.


Noelle Delgado

Executive Director

P.S. Once the puppies have recovered, they’ll need to go to new foster homes so they have more room to grow! If you can foster, please apply here if you’re not already HPA!-approved. If you can’t foster, but still want to help, please donate if you can.

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