On the ninth day of Giving, my good friend gave to me… Supplies we need for nine full surgeries!

Today is Day 9 of the 12 Days of Giving! We’ve talked about our amazing clinic team and all that they do to care for our animals on a daily basis. Today, we’re highlighting the immense effort it takes for them to perform a critical part of each animal’s journey: the surgeries! 

Not only does our incredible veterinarian spay and neuter each and every animal that comes into our care, but she also performs many specialized surgeries from amputations to enucleations, and more! Every surgery takes particular instruments and sutures add up quickly with so many animals each day, month, and year. We need your help now to support our mission to save the lives of these animals and get them the care they need!

Surgery days encompass more than one might think. From cleaning, to prep, to performing the surgery, to recovery, to cleaning again, there are many steps and many supplies needed to keep the day flowing smoothly and making sure each animal is getting top notch care. Whether it’s something small, or helping cover an emergency surgery (which we unfortunately see frequently), show your support and help save a life today!

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